Sunday, January 12, 2014


Well folks, as of today I have been living in this beautiful city for 6 whole months and boy has it been quite the adventure. There are still tough days, homesick days, and emotional days simply because I am human. But, that is life. It is very hard to believe I only have 6 months left with this cute family and my favorite little 1 year old. It breaks my heart+ gives me that pit in the stomach feeling.

ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE: Never did I think I would learn this much or grow as much as I have living away from home and taking care of something so precious and innocent. It has opened my eyes to what I want as I raise a family and also has taught me patience, how to  unconditionally love and helped me become an all around better person. I would have never imagined that I could love a little girl who I didn't even know 6 months back so much. I continuously want to serve her, protect her, help her become better and make sure she is constantly taken care of and happy every single day. Serving Anni to the best of my ability has helped make this job so rewarding. Hearing her say a new word or finally realize something that she didn't know before makes it all worth it. My love for her continues to grow stronger and leaving her will be close to unbearable but I will always hope my example and love will stay close to her forever because she has changed my life in too many ways to even share.

Now, lets talk about my homegirls. The friends I have made here are out of this world. I continue to feel so blessed and am convinced that I have the best friends on this planet. We always have each others back and it is so nice to all be doing the same type of work so we can relate and really listen and help one another best we can. These are the types of friendships that will last forever+ no doubt in my mind. I have had a blast with each one of them and cannot hardly wait for the fun times to continue after we are all done with our nanny adventure. These girls really are angels.

My Ward: Boy oh boy, have I got the best singles ward ever. The ward is huge+ get the opportunity to meet new people every Sunday. There are some really neat members who have the strongest most sincere testimonies. The coolest thing for me is being able to see converts on a weekly basis. You just don't get that in Utah nearly as much. Their stories continue to give me chills and I am grateful for their courage and sweet spirits they bring to our ward. We have a great bishopbrich who all are so caring and willing to help. My home teachers are also the best and so willing to do all they can for me. I am one lucky girl and seriously have a great life here in San Francisco. Ready to make these last 6 months ROCK!

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